“I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget.” ​

-Erin Van Vuren


Consulting for Corporations and Groups

With an extensive learning and development, and human resource management background, Suzi Stich has the added advantage of knowing how important resilience within the workplace is. She understands how challenging it can be for executives and senior management to be able to constant be deal with day-to-day business problems, in addition to balancing business growth, revenue generation, operations, sales and marketing and employee productivity. All this is in addition to their family life, fitness, health and well-being.

“The 12-Step Process for Resilience” has great application in our modern business world where we need true grit. Organizations are constantly considering employee cutbacks, meeting deadlines, the impact of competition, new products, technology and the impact of social media on business. Our executives, their senior managers and employees need to have a greater capacity to cope and thrive in the workplace, if their organizations are going to truly achieve success and greatness.

A resilient employee will do what they can to help another achieve success. Workplace relations will be more positive and there will be a greater feeling of team collaboration.

What People have said about Suzi

I learned how to “Master my Mind” working with Suzi many years ago. She had a knack for weaving the skills into all she said and did. At the time, I had been through some challenging life experiences, and was looking to get back on my feet financially and restart my career. Suzi provided me with the skills and courage to change my thinking and present myself in the best possible light to a prospective employer. I started part-time as a Marketing Assistant, and now after five years, I am the Director of Development Operations with The Atlanta Opera. Without Suzi’s insight, encouragement and mentorship I would not have achieved the career and personal success I enjoy today.

Rachel Jorgensen

Director of Development Operations, The Atlanta Opera

I recently experienced some family issues that caused extreme discomfort and sadness. Suzi coached me through the “Master your Mind for Success,” and then the “12-Step Process for Resilience.” I can honestly say that this made a huge difference in how I am able to deal with my career, and life now. Her listening skills and ability to cut through to the real issues were incredible. She was my voice of reason, guide and cheerleader through this process. She also made me understand how accountable I was for my own reality. No one else can do it for me! Everyone can learn resilience with this 12-Step Process.

Victoria Ross

Practice Administrator

Suzi Stich made a powerful impact on me when I worked through the “12-Step Process for Resilience” after hearing her speak. I recommend this program to all people who want more joy, happiness, clarity and success in their lives. Suzi showed how resilience is a process that all of us can learn to become the best version of ourselves possible. My retirement is a more satisfying experience because I know how to be more resilient.

Denise McGuiness

Retired CEO

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