“Resilience is neither ethically good nor bad. It is merely the skill and the capacity to be robust under conditions of enormous stress and change.”

-How Resilience Works, HBR, May, 2002

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Suzi Stich

Suzi Stich

Speaker – Mindset Coach – Personal and Professional Achievement Facilitator for You!

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From a remote Outback Australian sheep and cattle farm, to a full university scholarship to Corporate Training and Development Specialist. Then to Senior Leadership positions in Human Resource Management in both Sydney, Australia, and the US, Suzi Stich, the Founder, and Executive Director, of Suzi Stich, LLC. Her dynamic, yet very personal style, gives her the ability to connect multi-generationally and inspire people to adopt her Resilience message in their own lives to achieve joy, satisfaction and their true potential in life. As a now 10-year breast cancer survivor, Suzi seriously practices what she preaches.

Suzi is a public speaker, trainer and human resource professional who has developed “The 12-Step Process for Resilience.” This is the transformational blueprint for greatness and becoming your best. She holds a B. Sc. In Education, a B.A. in Human Resources Development and Communication Management, and an MBA in Human Resource Management and International Business.

Suzi is a champion of “start-up ventures,” and creating new approaches to dealing with complex people issues that require resilience, emotional intelligence and greater problem solving skills. Her experience as a Director of Human Resources (DHR) includes four “start-up” departments in companies both in the U.S. and  Australia. In these roles, she successfully led and impacted employee satisfaction, labor relations, enterprise bargaining negotiations, (with five unions), developed HR systems for recruitment and selection, OH&S, employee relations, learning and development and performance management.

What keeps her going are the many people out there who need the 12 Step Process for Resilience so they can truly achieve their own greatness and be their best “Self”. Suzi is an influencer, wife and mother to an amazing 19-year old son, and a friend to many around the world.

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